Assam has a sub-tropical monsoon climate with an average rainfall of around 1,500 mm per year. The daytime temperature in summer, the rainy season, highs to around 35ºC and in winter cools to 25ºC with a nighttime minimum of around 10ºC.

It is a delight to visit Assam in the hot, rainy season that typically lasts from May to October. Guests can listen to the rhythm of the rain as it pitter patters on the tin roofs at a time when the monsoon brings the jungle and tea bushes to lush luxuriant life. If you do visit in summer be sure to pack light, cotton clothes suitable for the tropics as it will be hot and humid.

In the dry season, which is from normally November to April, Assam experiences clear sunny days with brilliantly blue cloudless skies. If it is overcast, however, it can get chilly and the temperature always drops at night. When visiting in the dry winter season bring jumpers, jackets and shawls for the evenings and in case it gets cloudy during the day.

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Wild Mahseer
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