Romancing the tea garden
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1st January, 2007

Tea Garden

Have you been there and done that! Here is an experience for the jaded palate. A little nostalgia for the British Raj helps along with stories of the Koi hai days of the old tea planters. Reinforcing the Raj experience with a difference is the antiquate Land Rover, the GI jeep, the horse-driven carriage. Macleod Russel India Limited (MRIL) chairman Brij Mohan Khaitan is almost the last Brit standing in Assam and his 'agency-style' tea gardens have retained some of the best flavours of the old planting life.


Tea estates looking beyond traditional business


Tea estates looking beyond traditional business

Hindustan Times

25th October, 2006

AFTER FORMALLY taking over the operations of Williamson Tea Assam in May this year, the BM Khaitan-promoted McLeod Russel India Ltd is exploring new business opportunity in tea and nature tourism.

To begin with, McLeod Russel, which has now become the world's largest bulk tea company after the acquisition of Williamson Tea Assam from the UK-based Magors, is decking up the colonial bungalows located in its pristine and pollution-free tea estates spread across upper Assam, McLeod Russel has teamed up with River Journeys & Bungalows of India Ltd, a start-up hospitality outfit based in north-east, in this endeavour.



Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh

The Economic Times,

8th October, 2006


Tea companies recreate the old-world charm of British Raj to woo tourists to their estate resorts


Tea Garden Bunglow Green Valley


How about having that early morning cuppa in a tea garden bungalow? After that, why not tea off at the greens, close to the bungalow? Does it look like we are getting a little high on tea? Well, the tea companies certainly are on this novel theme - tea garden tourism - the latest entrant in the country's booming tourism industry.



Tea tourism making headway in Assam

Tea tourism making headway in Assam


17th September, 2006


Realising the tremendous tourism potential that tea gardens in Assam have, many tea companies are now converting their age-old tea heritage bungalows into tourist bungalows TRAVTALK. takes a look into this new genre of tourism.


Tea tourism making headway in Assam Tea tourism making headway in Assam



Tea Tourism | The Assam Tribune

Tea Tourism

The Assam Tribune

16th September, 2006


Tea Tourism - Assam Tea Tourism - Assam Tea Tourism - Assam


A hot steaming cup of tea at your bedside & then the silken rays of the sun that is how your day begins and the world moves. Every drop of this golden brew is exciting and the excitement is as long lasting as the bushes themselves. One hundred years. No for an even longer period than these bushes - these perennial mines have gone on yielding golden pikos, golden excitements across deserts and seas plains and hills . Such ever fresh more than one hundred years old tea bushes are scattered across Assam - The state which has been giving to the world the warm and unique of matchless Assam Tea.


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