Tea Time Elephant Trek

Delight in the contrasting experience of riding a hulking, rugged elephant to an elegant tea party… in fact the most aptly named tea party in the world… one laid out in the tranquil setting of a genuine tea garden!

Muster after lunch outside the gate of the Heritage Bungalow, gaze down the road framed by towering trees and experience the full impact of seeing your majestic ride trundle towards you.

Girls in Tea Garden

It is a magical image you will never forget.

Our staff can take photos as guests greet their personal elephant for the afternoon and clamber on top of the magnificent beast, one of the most revered creatures in India. The mahout (elephant minder) then gives the signal to ride out of the estate through local villages, bamboo groves and farmland, across babbling brooks and dried up river beds where, on a clear day the distant Himalayas are visible, and finally into the neighbouring tea garden where a white lacy cloth-covered table set with classic bone china awaits.


After dismounting tea is poured and curry puffs, delicate melt-in-the-mouth cucumber sandwiches and cake is served as guests relax in the dappled shadows of shade trees interspersed among the tea bushes.

Then, as the sun begins to sink, re-mount the elephant, walk, or be driven back to the bungalow in our vintage Land Rover, Range Rover or on the Royal Enfield motorbike… the end to a perfect afternoon.

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