Second Flush Bungalow

The tea bush Camellia sinensis has seven flushes during its growing season. The second flush, in Assam normally between mid-May and June, is when the bush produces the finest quality of leaves and buds rich in natural chemical that result in strong and gutty cups with the rich aroma for which Assam tea is famous.


Named after this heady brew, the Second Flush Bungalow was once the Visiting Agent’s office. Featuring window-boxes that in season bloom with flowers, it is situated in its own compound fronted with an open-air patio, a perfect place to relax and catch the afternoon sun.

It comprises four sizeable, bright and sunny twin-bedded rooms (three of which open onto a pebbled courtyard dotted with green plants, rocks and pots) with full length curtains and soft furnishings sewn from colourful print fabrics. All the rooms have air-conditioning, overhead fans, heaters and large en suite bathrooms with bathtubs and showers.

Second Flush


Second Flush - Corridor


Second Flush - Bedroom 1


Second Flush - Bedroom 2


Second Flush - Bedroom 2 1




Second Flush - Gallery

Wild Mahseer
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