Rangapara Monastery

It is always enjoyable to pay a half-day visit to the serene compound of Rangapara Monastery, only a 45-minute drive from Wild Mahseer.

Take a cup of tea with the Rinpoche, if he is free. Help sweep the leaves and prepare lunch. Join in a tantric chant. It is a tranquil place to meditate and pray.


Nearby is the Thakurbari Planters Club where guests are welcome to drop in for a refreshing soda on their way to or way back from Wild Mahseer. With an elbow resting on the bar one can picture a bygone age when the place was teeming with noisy planters letting down their hair over a few whiskeys after a week’s strenuous work and sharing “garden” gossip.

The trip to Rangapara Monastery can also be combined with a visit to Addabarie Tea Estate or on the way to or from Guwahati airport.


Monastery Gallery

Wild Mahseer
Balipara Division
Addabarie Tea Estate
P.O Lokra, Sonitpur
Balipara, Assam, 784101, India


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