Bhela Ghor at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark

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Where Local Chefs cook traditional and ethnic cuisine using 100% organic and fresh, home garden local produce. Where Naturenomics  is presented through food, art, culture and cuisine of the communities of the Eastern Himalayas.
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Assam is unparalleled in truest sense with its natural bounty and beauty. The same is reflected in its most important festival “Bihu”, celebrated by the Assamese diaspora across the globe. Bihu is a celebration that is related to the crop cycle and reflects the rich culture, heritage and most essentially “FOOD” of this region. Bihu denotes a set of three different cultural festivals of Assam viz, Rongali Bihu (or Bohag Bihu), celebrated during the month of Bohag (Mid-April) which marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year, Kati Bihu (or Kongali Bihu), celebrated during the month of Kati (October) before the harvesting of crops and Bhogali Bihu (or Magh Bihu) during the month of Magh (Mid- January) after harvesting of crop and is all about food.

BHELA GHOR derives its inspiration from Bhogali Bihu which comes from the word Bhog meaning eating and enjoyment. This Bihu is celebrated post-harvest and therefore the granaries of Assamese folks are full and there is lots of feasting and eating and merriment during this period. Bhela Ghor is an essential part of this feasting festival which is actually a make shift cottage prepared by the young menfolk along with a bonfire or Meji in the night of Uruka. And it is here where the food is prepared and there is community feasting along with dancing and singing to the tunes of Bihugeet (songs specific to Bihu). Bhela Ghor signifies the end of hard work associated with cultivation and the time for rich dividends after the harvest. It also signifies feasting with the locally grown agricultural product which is fresh, pure and unadulterated as everyone involved shares a portion of their harvest. In this sense BHELA GHOR is an attempt to rejoice the enjoyment and feasting of home grown food round the year.

Naturenomics ™ and Bhela Ghor:
Bhela Ghor fits into the concept of Naturenomics™ which is part of the cradle to grave approach that has been initiated by Balipara Foundation. In Bhela Ghor we serve food which has been prepared using the locally grown material in a complete organic manner. Everything that is available here has been cultivated by local farmers with the help of SHG’s and NGO’s, the work force in Bhela Ghor is composed of village folks and the cuisine is completely ethnic. This process provides a market to the local farmers, provides livelihood to many and also promotes the region.




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